Q. Can I get discounts and perks when I wear the I AM MIDLAND gear I bought during the first 30 day campaign?

A. Yes! Any items sold from I AM MIDLAND to support local businesses are valid. It's a good idea to call businesses in advance to a purchase though just to double check :)

Q. I own a business, or I know someone else who does. How do I sign up to be selectable from the menu bar and receive funding from I AM MIDLAND? 

A. As long as you are an owner or official representative with authority to receive funds on behalf of said establishment, anyone can sign up here! 

Q. When will I receive my order? 

A. All orders will be printed up the first and third Monday of each Month, and they will be made available for pickup or shipped that same week. We need time to ship the stock into our shop for printing so any order placed 3 business days before printing Monday, will be printed on the following cycle. 

Q. Can I have my order shipped?

A. Yes

Q. Can I avoid paying for shipping and pick up my order?

A. Yes. Just select pickup at checkout. ALL pickup orders will be picked up from RED THREADS at 616 Haley Street, Midland MI, Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm.